Who We Are...?


 Founded in 1990 in Thailand by a Japanese entrepreneur, MPI-NEO designs and manufactures high quality and competitive power and magnetic products.


 To meet customer expectations, MPI-NEO offers wide range of products from coils, transformers to unit assembly with expertise in small to medium volume high product mix flexible manufacturing.


 To better serve valued customers, MPI-NEO has offices in the U.S.A. and Japan with point-of-contact support in language, engineering and logistics. Head office staff members fluent in English and/or Japanese.

 MPI-NEO is UL certified and its products are designed, manufactured and tested to comply with various safety regulations. The headquarters and factory is located in Samutsakorn, western Bangkok.


■ Founded :                  1990 (Privately held)

■ Headquarters :           Samutsakorn,Thailand

■ Managing Director :   Masaaki Hino

■ # of Employees :        About 180 (as of December, 2019)

■ Factory Area :            1,100㎡ (12,000sq.ft)

■ Products

          -Transformers:       Linear / Switching / Toroidal

          -Coils​:                    Choke / Solenoid / Line Filter

          -Assemblies​:          Board / Unit / Wire & Harness

■ Certifications :            ISO9001: 2015 / ISO14001: 2015 / UL

■ Sales Offices :           Thailand / U.S.A / Japan

■ URL :                         www.mpineo-thai.com

MPI-NEO Co.,Ltd.
MPI-NEO Co.,Ltd.
MPI-NEO Co.,Ltd.
MPI-NEO Co.,Ltd.
MPI-NEO Co.,Ltd.
MPI-NEO Co.,Ltd.
MPI-NEO Co.,Ltd.
MPI-NEO Co.,Ltd.
MPI-NEO Co.,Ltd.
MPI-NEO Co.,Ltd.
MPI-NEO Co.,Ltd.
MPI-NEO Co.,Ltd.


Year                   Milestones                               Main Products          

1990     BOI Promotion (No.1149 / 2533)    Linear Power Supply Unit

1992     BOI Promotion (No.1164 / 2535)    Adapter & Transformer

1994     Japanese Electric Law Certified     Power Transformer

1995     BOI Promotion (No.1709/ 2538)     Switching Transformer

2002     Board Assembly Business              Console & Controller

2006     UL & CSA Approved                       US & EU Market    

2007     BOI Promotion (No.2194 / 2550)    Electromagnetic Product

             BOI Promotion (No.1864 / 2550)

             International Procurement Office (IPO)

             Green Procurement Management System

2012    UL352642 (Wiring & Harness)

2015    UL1446 Class B & F Insulation System

2016    UL5085 & CSA C22.2 No.66 1-03  Garage Door Opener

            UL486377                                        High Power 3-Phase Trans.

2018    ISO9001: 2015 Certified

2020    ISO14001: 2015 Certified

 (BOI = Board Of Investment)

Our Mission

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction in pursuit of high quality and value-added products with expertise in world-class design and manufacturing capabilities

Global Support

Long-lasting business relationship through seamless on-site global customer support

Challenge with Thai Smile

Challenges to new technology, new product and innovation through forward thinking with "Thai Smile"

Safety & ISO Certifications 

● ISO9001:2015 (May 2018)

● ISO14001: 2015 (Jan. 2020)

● UL: E189182 (Apr. 1998), E222161 (Mar. 2002)

          E359136 (Dec. 2012), E486377 (Aug. 2016)

● UL Wiring & Harness : E352642 (Oct. 2012)

● UL1446 B & F Class Insulation: E474782 (Mar. 2015)

ISO14001 Certification.png