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​MPI-NEO Co., Ltd.

If You Can Imagine,,,

We Can Power It!!

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Who We Are...?

 Founded in 1990 in Thailand by a Japanese entrepreneur, MPI-NEO designs and manufactures high quality and competitive power and magnetic products.


 To meet customer expectations, MPI-NEO offers wide range of coil, inductor, transformer and EMS products with expertise in small to medium volume high product mix flexible manufacturing.


Thailand Head Office & Factory

Attn: Sunee Riolawan (Thai or English)

E-mail: / Mobile: +66-(0)8-1924-0961

Attn: Masaaki Hino (Japanese or English)

E-mail: / Mobile: +66-(0)8-1925-1278

U.S.A. Office

Attn: Milt Williams


Phone: +1-719-572-0186 / Mobile: +1-719-338-4445

Japan Office
Attn: Takahiro Ota


Phone: +81-(0)72-648-2172 / Mobile: +81-(0)90-8149-8546

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